In Alabama, there truly is no place like home. And where else would you find a local telephone and wireless company that has a true calling, not just a calling plan: to bring wireless and internet to every country road and rural neighborhood in our area. Maybe that's what happens when you're building a state-of-the-art wireless system and putting up towers in the place where you've put down roots.

Pine Belt Wireless is your hometown nationwide carrier.  Pine Belt customers not only benefit from the best wireless network in Choctaw, Dallas, Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties. They can travel the US knowing that their Pine Belt Wireless phone will keep them connected to family and friends.

The real Pine Belt Difference is our people. The Pine Belt Wireless team includes your neighbors and your friends.  We provide a level of personal service to our customers that the other guys’ customers only dream about. We will transfer your contacts, setup your email, teach you picture messaging or help you with anything else that you need.  At Pine Belt Wireless, you don’t get just a phone; you get the whole Pine Belt Wireless team.

So, while you're reading about our calling plans and features, take a moment to think about the Pine Belt difference. Just like our signals, you won't hear anything like it from another provider.

Our Story


When Dr. Nettles connected his first phone lines using only a homemade switchboard, he could never have imagined cell phone technology. But to us, it is the vision that Dr. Nettles' had for West Alabama that drives the company today and including the expansion of our cellular network. While other providers put millions into advertising service to communities they can cut service to at any time, we’ve put in more than 40 towers over 5 counties to support a multi-million dollar telecommunications network. The result is the clearest sound quality and the strongest, most reliable signal available in our local calling area.


Wireless From a Company That Delivers

Whether your family and friends are across time zones or across town, you've got a plan that keeps you close to loved ones. And sound quality that never lets you miss a moment or be without service when you need it the most. With plans this individual, you can choose long distance, plenty of roaming minutes, or unlimited calls within the Pine Belt Home Advantage network, and know you've made the right call.

Whatever calling plans you choose comes with the personal attention from a company that doesn't just give you minutes. We give you our time.

Pine Belt Wireless Timeline

 In 1989, Pine Belt Telephone Company partners with several other independently owned local companies to participate in the FCC cellular lottery for rural areas of Alabama. The partnership receives licenses for an 11 county area in West Alabama and begins operating under the trade name Southeastern Cellular. Southeastern Cellular is the first company to offer cellular telephone service in the area.

Prompted by a change of control of many of the original partners in Southeastern Cellular resulting in a shift in much of the strategic decision making process, Pine Belt elects to sell its partnership interest. Pine Belt reinvests the proceeds from this sale to form the foundation of today's Pine Belt Wireless operation. 

In 1994, Pine Belt Wireless begins operations of a DirecTV franchise servicing residences and businesses in Marengo and Clarke counties and begins the planning process to develop the first cellular telephone system for Marengo and Choctaw counties.  In 1995, Pine Belt switches on its first cellular site supported by three towers in two counties, Marengo and Choctaw, as local citizens begin noticing additional cellular towers going up in their communities.   In 1999, Pine Belt sells its DirecTV franchise to raise capital needed to convert its cellular system from analog to digital and to expand the system to cover the Selma Basic Trading Area, which includes the counties of Dallas, Perry and Wilcox.  In 2000, Eleven additional Pine Belt cellular towers go up, expanding wireless coverage to Dallas, Perry and Wilcox counties.   In 2003, Pine Belt announces a multi-million dollar expansion of their wireless telephone network and 30 new towers joined the 16 Pine Belt towers. For the first time, customers could rely on their wireless phones to work when they leave the larger towns of Marion, Selma and Demopolis to travel the sometimes lonely roads of communities in the five-county area.

Today, Pine Belt Wireless is in the middle of another upgrade that will bring 3-G coverage to a majority of the service area.   For over 50 years, Pine Belt has been "the neighbor you can call on".