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Your wireless phone can be like an old friend.  You know it. You trust it.  You don’t want to let it go.  At Pine Belt Wireless, we do everything that we can to let you keep your old phone and still get all the benefits of Pine Belt Wireless service.  Not all phones can be used on Pine Belt Wireless service but, if yours can, we will not only give you the best price on nationwide wireless service but we will give you a discount every month, as long as you are a Pine Belt customer. 

Questions On Bringing Your Device To Pine Belt

Q1 - If My Device Is Working, But Pine Belt Cannot Activate It, Am I still Eligible For The Lowest Rates?     
A1 - As long as your device powers up, Pine Belt will Offer The Customer The Lowest Available Price.  Customer Must Relinquish Ownership Of The Device To Pine Belt.

Q2 - Can I Keep My Existing Number If I Switch To The Pine Belt Network?
A2 - Yes.  You Can Port Your Existing Cell Phone Number Over To The Pine Belt Network.

Q3 - Are These Plans Available At All Pine Belt Stores?
A3 - Yes.  These New Pine Belt Nation-Wide Plans Are Available In Every Pine Belt Retail Store.  Click Here To Find AN Office Near You.

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