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International Detariffing Notice

Effective January 28, 2002, Pine Belt Communications, Inc., d/b/a Pine Belt Long Distance (the “Company”) will provide your International long distance services between points that terminate outside the United States (the “Service”) without filing a tariff with the Federal Communications Commission (the “FCC”). In the past, the Company filed a tariff with the FCC describing the rates, terms and conditions of the Service that the Company provided to you. In response to orders from the FCC to all telephone companies, the Company will now make the same information available directly to you without a tariff. This process, called “detariffing”, is part of an overall effort by the FCC to bring competition to the telecommunications industry and benefit you, the telephone customer. Throughout this notice, our use of the term “you” or “your” refers to the individual or entity using or paying for the Service.

There are two ways that you may review the rates, terms and conditions of the Service you obtain from the Company in the future. First, the Company will provide this information on its website, . Second, the Company will maintain a copy of the rates, terms and conditions of your Service at its business office, which is located at 3984 County Road 32, Arlington, Alabama 36722. This information will be available for your review at the business office during normal Company business hours.

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