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What is Pine Belt Streaming TV service, and how much does it cost?

PBTV is a streaming service that uses an app through any Android operating device to give you a top-quality television viewing experience. Our TV service utilizes our Pine Belt internet service to give you a bundled package for your viewing pleasure and convenience. We also offer an analog cable service that provides our customers with all their local TV channels. Simply Click Here to view all packages and prices for TV and internet services offered by Pine Belt.

Will I be able to get my local channels?

Yes, you will. Each region is divided into a designated market area or DMA. The DMA you reside in determines the local channels you receive. Grove Hill/Whatley receives the Mobile/Pensacola locals. Butler/Lisman receives the Meridian locals and areas from Arlington to Selma receive the Montgomery/Selma locals.

Do you require a contract?

Our cable and internet services do not require a contract.

How long will it take to get service installed?

During normal conditions, you can expect your service within 3 working days.

What is and do you offer watch tv everywhere?

Yes. Watch TV everywhere is TV that goes where you go. Watch many of your favorite shows on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other Internet connected device. All you need is your customer account number, an email address and internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Do you offer HDTV?

Yes, our streaming service is delivered in High Definition. Our analog package is not.

Will I be able to record my favorite shows?

Yes, our streaming service offer an Android device through which you can record. We offer a TIVO for our analog package.

Will I get the same channel on each television?

No. With our streaming service, each device you have must be capable of downloading the Pine BeltTV app which will function independent of each other.

What channels do you offer?

We offer all local channels, as well as over 170 cable network, music and premium channels. See the channel lineup for the channels each package includes by Clicking Here

How much is installation?

Installation is $43.33 and includes two outlets. Additional outlets (TVs) are $10 at time of install.


What speeds and data plans do you offer?

We currently have 4 different speeds available…up to 1 Mbps ($24.95), up to 5 Mbps ($34.95), up to 10 Mbps ($39.95), up to 15 Mbps ($49.95). All our plans include unlimited data (some restrictions may apply).

Can I use my own modem?

Yes, if your device is compatible with our system.

Do you offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, we offer a wireless modem for no extra charge.

Do you offer a ‘mobile’ internet?

No. Our internet service is confined to your residence.

How much is your installation charge?

The installation fee is $39.95.



How do I check voicemail from my home phone?

To set up your voicemail for the first time, dial 334-992-6382 or *98 from your home phone. You will be asked to select a 6 digit PIN and record your name to set up your voicemail. Once you access your mailbox, you will be guided through the process. Until these steps are completed, no callers will be able to leave voicemail messages.

After initial set up, you may access your voicemail any time by dialing 334-992-6382 or *98 from your home phone. If you are trying to check your voicemail from a different phone, you may dial 334-992-6382 and as soon as you hear the recorded message start, press the * (star) key, put in your entire phone number area code first. Then put in your PIN. Once in your box, follow the prompts to listen to, save, or delete messages. You will also have the ability to change personal options by listening to the prompts.

When is my bill due?

Your bill is mailed two weeks before a payment is due. Your monthly statement will show each current amount for that account.

Can I pay my bill online?

Smart Hub is Pine Belt’s new online billing system. With Smart Hub, viewing your bill and making or scheduling check or credit card payments is very easy! You don’t have to risk missed or late payments ever again. Let Smart Hub send a monthly email reminder that your bill is ready. If you haven’t already set up automatic payments, you can do that on Smart Hub too! To view and pay your bill, please visit Smart Hub at https://pinebelt.smarthub.coop or just click “BillPay” on your home page @ pinebelt.net New users can register by selecting “New User”. Sign up to access our self-service site on the login page. Fill in the account number, last name of person/business, email address and click submit. You will see a message “Congratulations, your registration is complete.” Next, you will receive an email with a temporary password. Use the temporary password to login and change to your new password. When you sign up online, you will need to know the last name of person/business that is on the account, your email address and your account number. In addition, you will need to answer one validation question to register and establish one security question. Once registration is complete, an email will be sent with a temporary password for the first login. You will be prompted to change password upon initial log in.

What is DSL maintenance?

It is $5.00 per month. You are required to keep it for 2 years. It covers one new box per year excluding physical/water damage. It also covers the premise visit for the technician to come out to the home.

How can I pay my bill if I don’t have a computer?

Bills can be paid by telephone, mail or in person at the following locations: Pine Belt Telephone Co 3984 Co Rd 32 Arlington, AL 36722 (334) 385-2106 Pine Belt Wireless 310 A South Main St Linden, AL 36748 (334) 295-5585 Pine Belt Wireless 120 N Mulberry Ave Butler, AL 36904 (205) 459-5585 Pine Belt Wireless 8 Camden Bypass Camden, AL 36726 (334) 682-9655 Pine Belt Wireless 1541 Hwy 5 South Marion, AL 35756 (334) 683-4977 Pine Belt Wireless 5 Broad St Selma, AL 36701 (334) 878-8000 Pine Belt Communications 118 S. Jackson St Grove Hill, AL 36451 (251) 275-2288

How do I apply for new service?

You will need the following information for your order:

  • Complete 911 street address or other location information such as a nearby neighbor’s phone number.
  • Previous telephone number at new location if known.
  • The type of home phone service you want.
  • How you would like your directory listing to appear.
  • Driver’s License & SSN for credit check.

Is there a deposit?

We may ask for a deposit depending on your credit score. The amount of the deposit will vary based upon your choice of long distance. Local Service Deposit $150.00. Long Distance Deposit $250.00.

How do I avoid telemarketing calls?

Sign up on Alabama’s Do Not Call Register. Your name will remain on it for 2 years.

How do I use three-way calling?

  1. Depress the switchhook, listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone. (Present caller is placed on hold).
  2. Dial third party’s telephone number. If busy or no answer, depress switchhook twice to reconnect first call.
  3. After the third party answers, press swicthhook for a three-way call.

How do I use call waiting?

To END an existing call and answer a waiting call: Hang up, then allow telephone to ring and answer it. To HOLD an existing call and answer call waiting: Press switchhook answer incoming call. To ALTERNATE between calls: Press switchhook and talk back to the other caller. To DISCONNECT: Hang up.

How do I cancel call waiting?

Dial *70 then listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone. Dial desired telephone number

How do I forward my calls?

To FORWARD: Dial *72 to activate, listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone. Dial telephone number to which calls will be forwarded. Press # or listen for three beeps. Hang up and your line will be connected to your forwarded line. To CANCEL CALL FORWARD: Dial *73, listen for three beeps and hang up.

How do I use call return?

Listen for Dial tone. Dial *69. It tells you the telephone number, date & time of the last call received. If you do not want to return the call hang up the line.

How do I use anonymous call rejection?

Dial *77 to ACTIVATE & Dial *87 to DEACTIVATE.

What is E911 & USF charges?

E911 and USF charges are government regulated charges that are required for all telephone services. These prices may vary quarterly.

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