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Pine Belt Wireless Joins Forces with the Associated Carrier Group to Offer the Latest Wireless Phone

Pine Belt Wireless has joined the Associated Carrier Group. This new relationship opens the door for Pine Belt to offer their customers the latest wireless phones, devices and accessories.

In the Associated Carrier Group announcement of Pine Belt Wireless’ membership, the ACG wrote, “We are confident that ACG’s mission of aggregating for purchasing power and the corresponding savings on handsets, accessories and network infrastructure will help provide Pine Belt the means to attain its goal of continuing to compete in the ultra-competitive wireless carrier space.”

“Since 1958, Pine Belt has sought to provide the highest quality communication services, building a state-of-the-art wireless, telephone, internet and cable television company which has put up towers in places where their customers have put down roots in Alabama. The five words under their logo “Neighbors You Can Call On” aren’t just a part of their logo, but who they are.”

“Being able to offer our customers the latest phones, devices and accessories is essential to Pine Belt continuing to be a competitive local alternative in the wireless industry,” said John Nettles, President of Pine Belt Wireless. “As a partner with ACG, we will be able to offer Pine Belt customers the handsets they want and service they can only get from a local provider.”

ACG was formed to benefit both its members and the consumer by facilitating efficient production and marketing of devices as well as increased competition. The consortium enables its members to work with manufacturers, suppliers and other vendors to develop and procure, for its customers, scarce or unobtainable products in a timely fashion through economies of scale and standardization of coding and other features.

Pine Belt Wireless is a group of affiliated local companies that provide telephone, cable television and wireless services telephone networks in parts of Choctaw, Clarke, Dallas, Marengo, Perry and Wilcox counties. Since its original founding in 1958, Pine Belt’s mission has been and remains to provide the highest quality services at fair and affordable rates while generously supporting the communities they serve.

For more information contact:

John Nettles


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