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Our Good Call of the Week Goes to Dennis Causey

Dennis Causey is the Fire Chief of Millers Ferry Volunteer Fire Department. Dennis has been a part of the Millers Ferry community for over 20 years and became Fire Chief in August 2019.

His initial training began in the 70s when he went to Texas A&M Fire College, and recently in September 2019 Dennis completed 12 hours of training with Alabama Fire College for basic fire attack.

Since taking on this new responsibility, he has been instrumental in gaining the community’s support; engaging them at every possible opportunity. In this new role, his first and foremost responsibility was to facilitate training certification for all 6 of the new firemen. Other initiatives and responsibilities include winterizing the Fire House to protect the fire truck and equipment, accessing current equipment needs to ensure safety of all firemen, establishing systems to better identify addresses with reflective signage, and working with the Board of Directors to secure proper equipment and funding through community fundraisers.

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