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Our Good Call of the Week Goes to John Creswell.

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Its hard to find someone who does more volunteer work without recognition or pay than John Creswell. He volunteers to help many widowers do odd jobs around their homes and works with Men of Vision to help repair homes. He is a volunteer with the FS Ervin Elementary Rewards Store and Jr. Achievement and serves on the Wilcox Co Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is the lay leader of Arlington United Methodist Church, Chair of the district's Trustee Board and serves in various volunteer roles on the Walk to Emmaus at Blue Lake.

John is a retired Col. and is a member of the Wilcox County Alabama National Guard. If anyone needs something, he willingly serves with his time, energy and own expense including. plowing neighbor’s garden and preparing pipes for the winter for many single ladies. Not to mention, he's the greatest grandfather in the world.

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