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QuickSpeed PremiumWiFi

QuickSpeed Premium WiFi provides clear fast internet throughout your home or business for ultimate convenience and accessibility.


  • StratiFi 4920 Router

  • Professional Installation and Monitoring

System is installed by professional Pine Belt technicians. Pine Belt also provides expert monitoring through remote access to your routers.

  • Pricing

Cost Per Access Point

(Includes Professional Monitoring)

$5.00 (Monthly)

Installation Fee


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(Installation Fee is waived when QuickSpeed Premium WiFi is added along with activation of new internet service)

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL: ARLINGTON 334-385-2106 • BUTLER 205-459-5585 • CAMDEN 334-682-9655  

GROVE HILL 251-275-2288 • LINDEN 334-295-5585 • MARION 334-683-4977 • SELMA 334-878-8000

A full service internet provider, Pine Belt keeps the world within reach.

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